Gentoo Linux HPPA on HP 9000 RP3440 with PA8800 Notes

Notes on Rp3440 Installation: The port console=stty1 needs to be specified because the serial is handed off from the main console to the passed through serial port. The disk partition layout needs to have the parisc boot partition in the beginning of the disk; type f0. This is where PALO is installed to. There then needs to be a separate ext2 formatted partition, also near the beginning of the disk,

Zoneminder Linux / mdraid Optimizations

I was looking at things on the new server that I had just setup today and I noticed that the SSD was being written to at a continuous 35MB/s. This was as a result of the zoneminder /var/tmp/zm being located on the primary disk. The solution was to add a line to /etc/fstab and dedicated an 8GB RAM disk to resolve my issue. The running occupied size for my setup

Debian 9 Stretch SSH logging to file with rsyslog

This is just a quick note, and this does apply to other systems that use rsyslog. Following these steps will help you setup your SSHD service so that all events are logged to a specific file of your choosing. Choose an unused local facility. For example local3 is not used for any logging in your system. So first edit /etc/sshd_config configuration file. [crayon-641858ec0f2b2108499558/] Now configure rsyslog to log local3 logs to a

Installation notes for Debian 9 Stretch onto Dell Mini 1012

When I first attempted to get Linux installed on my Dell Mini 1012, the fist boot into the operating system went perfectly. I was able to install some firmware and update some packages. However, when I went to reboot and boot after the first boot I discovered that the system would no longer boot fully. After trying the verbose boot and hunting around on the internet for some time I

Getting PCRE to compile on Solaris 9 SPARC

So there are some folks who are still trying to run modern things on old SPARC machines still. I pulled out my old Solaris server that I used to host a backup of my website back in 2013, dusted it off and booted it up.The web services came up flawlessly, just as they had worked then. However since a whole host of security vulnerabilities and code fixes had created a

Make lto-cm compile

lto-cm doesn't compile, here are some tips! Those of you who are looking to check out the lto-cm utility located here may find that the damn thing doesn't compile. Here are some quick notes that allowed me to get it up and running. Many thanks to my friend Kevin for discovering this. I have decided to post it up here as a reference for the other folks who want to try

E2900 / V1280 Enable GUI

I have a XVR-100 and a USB card installed in my E2900. To enable the graphical console login in Solaris 10 I have done the following post installation: #/usr/dt/bin/dtconfig -e # svcadm enable # ln -s /dev/fbs/pfb0 /dev/fb # fbconfig -xserver Xorg # reboot I did repeat these steps after another install, and had some trouble. There may be a step missing but it might provide a clue to someone

Time for a new workstation, well… old new

It has been a really long time since I've had a new desktop. Actually, because of the mobile nature of my life, being on the road and all; I have to use a laptop much of the time anyways. After being in North Carolina for an extended 2.5 year hiatus I returned to a workstation that wouldn't boot until after the third or fifth attempt. Eventually after it got used

News and info for August 2017

Howdy!   Alright, I must admit that it has been quite a while since I really have posted anything. There has been a lot going on, but finding time to sit down and write things isn't always easy. First off, the site has been moved off of Fookushima, the G5 Quad has been removed from service. Why did this end up being the case? Storage. With the limited wattage I

Cooking some batteries and making skirts

So I put up a sort of How to video on the process I did when I made a skirt for my hovercraft. It should be pretty easily for others to replicate based on my techniques in the video. The first water test with the new skirt was very successful. Increasing the skirt pressure a bit did make it run okay across the water. I want to do a full

RC Hovercraft night run with roll over crash

This night run was pretty interesting. With unusually high winds it certainly made control a challenge. All in all, it actually puts up with the wind quite well. After reviewing the footage of the run, you can tell that the front lifts up just enough to catch more air and then it lifts right off the ground. It looks as if I may need to add a spoiler on the

1st Hovercraft night run and new project page!

So yesterday I did the first string of POV camera tests with the hovercraft. All in all, it went well. The new motors are holding up alright so far, and I'm pushing them pretty hard. I've drew 138amps peak on this run: [embed][/embed] I also setup the official project page on here for the hovercraft, which you can find under projects in the menu, or here directly:

Igloo 12V electric cooler arduino modification for the van

At the thrift store I found another one of these 12V Igloo electric coolers. They have a 35W Peltier cooler installed in them and can keep food and drinks nice and cold even on a warmer day. This particular unit I managed to score for only $7.00, which I thought was a good deal.After getting it home and plugging it into 12V, I discovered that it didn't work at all,

Amazing clock made from vacuum tubes, well, televisions actually..

I wish I was the originator of this idea, and am proud to say that I was able to make a contribution. This is simply amazing. A gentleman that hangs out in our chatroom by the name of Tripp, or treehouseman as he's known in the IRC, has been working meticulously over the last couple months on a concept that has netted him title of the coolest clock I have

April Update 2016

The G5 quad is doing great. The system has been up for more than 175 days now after traditionally it crashing out after 30. I am currently running the stock cooling system until issues are resolved with the other one. Though, I'm out of town, so hopefully the factory one holds out well. I feel that it will since I am actually running the cooling system more aggressively than it

New Corrado, Vintage PC Goodness to come, October Update

Hello all! As you may or may not have noticed, comments on this site were broken, and now are fixed. Since I have been consistently updating wordpress, but not really wanting to update my theme, comments ended up breaking within the last month or two with the recent updates. At any rate, I have updated the theme to the latest version and now I have comments again. I ended up

Things that I’ve been working on…

Here is a random post with several things I've been working on over the last month that I figure you might enjoy..   This is a 1996 Bluebird Wanderlodge, I've been doing various things to it. I enjoy the drivers area as it kind of reminds me of a space shuttle with all the instrumentation around. There are a couple of overhead panels as well that take care of various

Nature Power 2000w Inverter Test and Review

As a part of the Cadillac Camper project we decided to install a NaturePower 2000watt inverter (model 38320). This inverter was purchased at a local camping world. Before I go into further detail, I'm aware that there is a power inverter and converter that is combined into a single unit. For this project, we explicitly chose to separate the two, so in the event of a failure we would still

Zoneminder is back! More security cameras woooo! DIY CCTV

For those of you long time DoogieLabs site visitors you might remember this post from long ago when I had my old house and was using zoneminder to monitor the security cameras: It has been years since I've used it, though I have been longing to use it again because I had great success with it. This time was a little bit different, because I could finally use the

July 2015 update

I'm still here! Well, I'm in North Carolina. I have been wanting / longing to work on the site and update some posts as well as create new ones. Some of the problem stems from the fact that I don't have a decent laptop / computer out here to do that sort of work. The screen resolution required for my website is rather large, and the laptops that I have

Corrado Update, Blog, and News for Friday 5-16-2015

The new server hosting -- Click for the new G5 Quad page --   So, this site has been a bit dormant lately. Not to worry folks! It's not going anywhere. I am now on a new server, one I've dreamed of having for a very long time and now it's finally here and "almost" sorted. I will actually be leaving the server running on a processor that is

Apple G5 Quad “Fookushima”

Realtime system status can be found here. There no need for me to write out a lengthy introduction for this machine as my intent was very clear with this project, and outlined here in the below video: This machine, as of May 5th 2015 now hosts the website and all other associated websites and services related to my ventures.This system is fast, it really flies with Linux and

The Geek Group Chris Boden IRC Incident of 2015

Many of you remember this video where I didn't give the full story: Recently, this video was brought to my attention: Now it's time for that full story: I refrained from posting this originally because I thought it would have been a good thing to do. Recently there was a video posted to a group of select people of Chris bending the truth about the original incident while

Adding a service for a custom program in Solaris 10

    This is another thing that I managed to forget, and then I had to remember what I was looking at all over again. Instead of init scripts, Solaris 10 uses services, or SMF. It uses a combination of XML and Shell scripts to start and stop services. In practice, it's actually really slick and I enjoy using it. When Debian and most other Linux flavors adopted something similar

Converting a non raid root filesystem to a RAID 0 or 1, and SPARC

This isn't a how to post, so much as a reminder for myself on how I was able to accomplish this. I have Debian wheezy installed on one of my SunFire V240 servers, and I didn't setup the RAID root initially when I was tinkering around with the server. After some research and fidgeting I was able to get things working swell. Debian dropping support for SPARC is saddening, especially

Dubs Along the Rockies 2014

  DATR This year was in Parker Colorado, the turnout wasn't bad. It wasn't as large as it had been some years, but still larger than it was others. I had a great time talking to folks and checking out all the really cool setups. I decided to take video of a car show for the first time, including some preparation for the show and a little bit of footage

I’m back in Colorado for a short time! August Update!

Good day everyone and welcome back to an August edition of a DoogieLabs site update. So I'm back in Colorado until around the 24th, it has been nice to be back although it has taken some time to adjust to things. I have dearly missed my friends and it was great to see everyone and talk to them again. Since I am back here there are some underlying tasks that

How to Install IRIX from a Hard Drive

After getting more involved with SGI stuff as of lately I must admit it is a real bear to get IRIX loaded onto these puppies. This is for several reasons, one of which being I don't have an external SCSI CD-Rom drive always laying around. Maybe I do now,  but changing CDs and hoping that they'll be continually reliable is a farce. People in the past have suggested and discussed

Blog and shtuff for the rest of June, and now July 2014

Lots has been happening over this last month. Where do I start?   Okay, first off I have finally gotten the IRIX Installation guide almost done. I have the video actually ready to edit I just need to actually do so. Then, I can finalize steps on the written guide and post it all up at once. I would except that sometime this week / month. Basically when I get

Universal Servo Mount – Automate the Corrado heaterbox

Progress has been continuing on the Corrado. Trying to get the heaterbox all finished up so I can get it back in the car. A couple years ago, I started to convert the heater box to electronically controllable flaps. I was looking at different ways to mount a servos onto the heater box. I ended up using Autodesk inventor and created a part to suit my needs: This is a

Troll HD Camera Housing Hacking S750

Project Introduction: So we were given a Troll Systems camera housing with everything except the S750 master controller. Instead of spending thousands of dollars on a master controller, we're going to break out the connector and control the camera ourselves. Here are the pics of the circuit board and a diagram of the pinouts.   Here is the pinout of the Hirose 10P 12 Pin connector that is on the

C++ Header file for handling file operations

So I've been stuck at home sick the last few days. I had a bit of food poisoning I think, or I caught a piece of the stomach bug from someone else. Overall it didn't affect me to terribly, just bad for one day and the next I was mostly better. While I was at home sick, I did some programming. I have been working to create a program that

December what?

Welcome and for those are read the site, thankyou! It's really all of you that keep me going. I could pack all this in and go to work at a regular place and do the bare minimum for only self benefit but where does the rest of the world benefit from that? It doesn't! My learning, sharing and creating an environment to learn and share together is the drive that

November 2013 Update

Chinese made Laptop Battery Review: I got a new battery for my IBM ThinkPad, I took a gamble on one of those cheap Chinese batteries from eBay, as seen here: This battery was not the greatest in my opinion and great care should be taken when purchasing such batteries from eBay. This is the second one of these batteries I have purchased, the first one didn't work correctly at

Phase Change Computer Case Day #2 & #3

After a long busy week I didn't really get a chance to compile the latest stuff from the build that we have so far. Well, let's kick it off. . If you haven't seen the video for Day #2 on the computer case already, here ya go: In Day #2 I made a blanking that filled in the old power supply location. I added in the chosen fan for this

Project Thumper made Hackaday!

The new video is out for Thumper, and it ended up being posted on Hackaday (click here for the original post) I was very excited to see this on Hackaday, and then was disappointed when I read comments like: "Maybe it’s just me, but I love the Geek Group too. However, Chris just rubs me the wrong way. I know he means well, but sometimes I feel like his personality

All moved, at home in Grand Rapids

What a wild ride it's been! What happened over the month of August? I moved my entire life from Thornton Colorado to Grand Rapids Michigan. I am now here at work at The Geek Group, and have completed my first week at my new job. What can I say? It's been everything I've ever wanted out of a job, out of life. Not only to be working somewhere I love,

YouTube removed old subscriptions page, Was removed, are you crazy? I am very outraged that Google would do something so BOZO! Life doesn't revolve around Google+ , people who use YouTube don't want to be fused with another social media gig. If someone took the old YouTube software, and put it up at another domain name I bet you would lose out on your online video market share completely, because you've butchered it beyond

August Announcements!

You haven't been hearing from me because I have been busy as a MoFo. I have been packing up and making arrangements to move to Grand Rapids and take up my new position at The Geek Group as Director of Vehicular Sciences.   I pick up the moving truck on the 15th of this month, and am leaving on the 19th of this month. I have been catching up on

Abandoned Eaton Colorado Sugar Mill

The pictures on this page were taken April 15th 2007, as we toured the old abandoned Sugar Mill in Eaton Colorado. This old sugar mill was full of surprises, and completely loaded with equipment. We had a lot of fun checking everything out, and covered all 5 stories in and out, every square inch of that place! The company used to be Great Western Sugar. Not sure when this one

Titan Missile Silo Expedition Gallery

I decided to re post the old pictures from the Titan Missile Base. Now everyone can check it out for years to come. Pulled over from the old Area51 site. This facility was near DeerTrail Colorado. I will post a video up of this expedition in time, once I get a few other things done. Enjoy. [caption id="attachment_2000" align="aligncenter" width="450"] Cut away view of a Titan 1 Missile Complex.[/caption]  

On my way back to Colorado

Well, I must say I've had an awesome couple of weeks at The Geek Group in Grand Rapids MI. I went and worked on a bunch of cars and not only got to see the lab for the first time, but was given the opportunity to have a permanent place there as the Director of Vehicular Sciences. I spent most of the couple of weeks working on car projects that

Been busy, and out of town!

Hello and sorry that it had been a long time since I've been active online. I have been busy with life changing stuff, I am out in Michigan right now at The Geek Group volunteering sorting out some car stuff whilst trying out for a job. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here and I did end up getting the job, so I will be moving out here very soon.

ffmpeg on Solaris Sparc, is very useful!

SO I had a video that I took while filming the stuff for the Talon, it was a camstudio encoded video that I filmed of the data logging software so I could sync the logs with the video. Since my video editing PC balked at opening the format, I decided to break out the Ultrasparc processors to have them stretch their legs on a little video exercise. I fire up

More updates and YouTube Channel woes!

YouTube Google+ Headaches: Okay so I am sore all over the place, but for the first time in over a week I finally get a moment to sit down and check my e-mails and do a little bit of catch up. I don't know if anyone reads these things but at least I have a place to bitch heh! So I'm going to start with the most recent thing that

Late May post, many updates!

Well hello and welcome! I am sure there will be a video that follows up what I say here on the website, but I will be sure and include extra juicy stuff in here for those who like to read my posts :-) First off, the Talon tuning movie is ready to be edited, well part 1 of it anyways. I will be going into my office tomorrow for a

Stingray Corvette Day 2 & 3

Work continues on the exhaust and finalization of dynamat in a couple of places that I could fit scraps that were directly panels to the outside body. This included the triangles that make up the C-Pillar and support the back window. I also did a section of the firewall up by the ran tray, as well as underneath each T-Top. [caption id="attachment_1430" align="aligncenter" width="500"] Painted track with rust preventative, used