RC Hovercraft night run with roll over crash

This night run was pretty interesting. With unusually high winds it certainly made control a challenge. All in all, it actually puts up with the wind quite well. After reviewing the footage of the run, you can tell that the front lifts up just enough to catch more air and then it lifts right off the ground. It looks as if I may need to add a spoiler on the front for more down force at speed.

It originally happened during one of the first water tests, and I was lucky that it didn’t go fully over then. I figured at the time it was just because there wasn’t much in the way of ballast, but it is now clearly evident that ballast doesn’t matter too much. With 2x 5000mAH 4S LiPo batteries, and a camcorder with a heavy aftermarket lens it still lifted right off the ground. Granted this was a heavier wind and I was head on so the combined lifting force was significant. Nevertheless, it goes to show that at high speeds additional down force will be required.

I had another thought too, this weekend at some point I want to do another water test, except this time I’m going to plug most of the holes on the bottom for a higher skirt pressure and see if that keeps the skirt from collapsing. Given the tear in the front, I might have to patch that too before testing, or just give in and make the new skirt anyways.

I expect to pick up more shower curtains this weekend, so I will be making another skirt and doing a how to video on it. Stay tuned..

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