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Cold Air Intake system:

One of the really cool benefits about owning a Vanagon is that you have some handy air-scoops at your disposal. It was always included in my plans to fab a cold air intake for one of the sides and I was actually able to fab it out of spare materials that I had laying around the house. I started with an aluminum piece of 3″ pipe that has a 45 degree bend in one end:

The division is as airtight as possible, there are some wiring harnesses that run around in that area and the backside of the tail light juts out into the area slightly. These are all issues this one piece is shaped to deal with:

Then it was time to coat the wood with something to make it more water proof.. I went with the same undercoating I used on the engine bay itself:

Everything set in place just need to zip in some screws and then it’s finished:

Very nice end result:

2 thoughts on “Performance / Tuning

  1. Howdy Scott I hadn’t looked at my site in a while, and just found your comment. I obtained the Airflow adapter from the “rice section” of the autoparts store. (Where you can find the cone filters, chrome parts, and honda civic aftermarket air intake kits.) I think it was made by spectre and was a plastic adapter. I do not know if they carry them anymore I’ll definitely have a look the next time I’m out at the parts store. They fit many different airflow meters IIRC. It is pretty easy to make one, using a flat piece of steel and a cut off of of a piece of pipe the appropriate size. (If you have a welder)

  2. Hi! I am doing a 3.3l swap into my Westy and I had a question as to the intake. I see you used the large cone filter attached to a 3 in tube. Where did you get that piece to bolt to the AFM piece from the Subaru intake?

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