2012 Volkswagens on the Green

The First VW show to kick off the 2012 season. It was a beautiful sunny Sunday at the Jefferson County Fairgrounds and there were so many cool setups, I enjoyed looking at them all. One of my personal favorites at the show is the orange buggy that has an engine out of Corvair, sweet! I personally didn’t have any cars that I brought to the show this year which kind of stinks but I still had loads of fun. After the show we all ended up at the twin peaks restaurant next to the Colorado Mills mall, very interesting 🙂 The VW Crowd isn’t shrinking, that’s a for sure, the setups are getting more creative too I’m loving it.

The monster bus was pretty sweet, I have no idea what engine is in there, its a flat 8 cyl air-cooled engine of some kind. If anyone knows feel free to chime in.

Here are the photos I took this year, you can click on anyone for it’s original size:

See ya next year!

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