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Blog and shtuff for the rest of June, and now July 2014

Lots has been happening over this last month. Where do I start?


Okay, first off I have finally gotten the IRIX Installation guide almost done. I have the video actually ready to edit I just need to actually do so. Then, I can finalize steps on the written guide and post it all up at once. I would except that sometime this week / month. Basically when I get around to it, but it will happen before I leave. The IRIX install guide covers how to prepare an external hard drive with IRIX media, make it bootable, and install IRIX using that external drive as the install source. It’s going to be awesome to finally have that posted up.


In other news, DoogieLabs has received a facelift. Thanks everyone who has had feedback for me in regards to this over the last few weeks. There are still some minor kinks to work out, mainly with the online store, and there are a couple minor tweaks to the theme that I need to make happen but not anything mission critical. The DoogieLabs store will be unavailable until further notice, while we get that all fixed. All in all though, looks good yeah?


Welcome all new YouTube subscribers and website followers. There has been a significant influx of new people over this last month or two… Hello and welcome! For those who are new to my site, don’t forget that you don’t actually need an account to create comments. I encourage discussion and hope to see more of it here as time progresses. There will be more videos coming out soon too, which brings me to what else I have been upto…

This week (week of July 4th) I actually got my desk setup in my room. This means that at night, I can actually work on electronics, websites, server stuff, and even make more blog videos without having the interruptions of the lab happening to me every few minutes. So, becuse of this hopefully you will start to see more videos out of me very soon. I don’t have a machine at homne powerful enough to edit videos as that never materialized. At least I can shoot content though and usually with me that’s where the problem is, I can find time at the lab later in the week if I want to edit.

PowerPC Server Update

So, hows the new server handling everything? Seems to be doing pretty damn good at it actually! I need to get backups working before something breaks, and drive space seems to be limited now since the www folder is rather large. However those are minor issues at this point, things are actually working really well otherwise and I hope that it continues to do so. I do not have backups working as of yet on the box, so I need to really need to get that done!


In other news…

I setup my desk, I needed a place away from the lab to be able to focus and make progress. A place without interrupts, where I can stream process the most complex of instruction sets 😉 i will also have my electronics lab back and can continue late night development of the totally awesomesauce.I dont have a decent digital camera so here are some 640×480 images taken with my sony mavica haha!


My primary workstation of choice for my home office is a SunBlade 2500 workstation. I have decided to throw back to rock solid Solaris and it works out great. I have enjoyed using Linux on my PPC G5, but I miss using my Solaris box day in and day out like I did when I had my shop. I often used it on my V880 at the lab to handle the day to day tasks. I kind of wanted that back, so I did!. I setup my 23″ flat panel and with the Sun PCI iii card installed, I also have windows XP here on the desktop.

Alright well I better get this posted before I decide to sit on it for weeks on end like some other things. There is much in the pipeline so stay tuned 😀

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