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VIDEO: SGI Altix 450 Supercomputer Tour and Mini Demo

Welcome to the SGI Altix Museum page!

SGI Altix 450 / 4000 series (Single IRU):

  • 8x 1.6GHz Itanium2 Dual Core Processors for a total of 16 Cores, over 1MB of L2, 18MB of L3 Cache, 533 Frontside Bus. Codename “Montecito” .. 1.7 BILLION transistors per die! (IA-64 Arch)
  • 8GB of DDR2 RAM per Node board, so 32GB total min per IRU with room for lots more
  • NUMA-Link Interconnect that allows upto 2048 Processors as a single system.
  • 40GByte / Sec CPU to RAM Bandwidth, Approx 6.4GByte / Sec Bandwidth across the NUMA
  • PCI-X (64bit PCI) @ 133MHz, PCI-E X16 card cage is available
  • Optional FPGA floating point co processor board that can replace the CPU Boards.
  • 2x SATA / SAS Bays in the I/O cage, external 4x SAS connector also supplied factory.
  • 2x 1600 Watt Power Supplies
  • DVD / CDRW Combo

This is a very nice server, but doesn’t seem as rock solid as my SunFire V880 does.

Here are two IRUs NUMA-Linked together!

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