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Vintage Collection- SGI Fuel

Silicon Graphics Fuel

The fuel by many was regarded as a later replacement for the O2. I think that it was definitely a more flexible and expandable workstation versus the O2, albeit still only a uni-processor system. The Fuel was also one of the SGI systems that more closely resembled a PC form factor. The tower is nothing more than a higher quality mid-tower ATX Chassis,  but the motherboard shares similarities with the Origin 3000 server and is considered to be a single node. Fuels were only ever built as uniprocessor machines, but it seems multiple processors could actually be hacked in if one had the skill-set.

  • Released: January 2002
  • 512MB – 4GB Of DDR Ram
  • 500MHz R14000 – 900MHz R16000 CPU, External Cache @ Half of CPU Clk
  • V10 or V12 Graphics
  • U160 SCSI (Benefits greatly from 15K hard disks)
  • 200MHz FSB, IP35 System
  • USB Sound or SoundBlaster Audigy2
  • Original introductory list price $11,495

Fuel Resources Online:

There is a very nice collection of information on-line already, so there’s no sense in repeating the hard work of everyone else.The only thing I didn’t really find information for off hand was how to reset the PROM password on a Fuel. It was really easy, just pull both the yellow snap hat off the one time keeper on the upper left hand corner of the board, and then pull the RTC with integrated battery package that’s just above the card slots on the left side of the board. Make sure the machine is unplugged, hit the power button a couple of times to make sure, and let the system sit for 5 minutes and then re-assemble. Poof password is gone.

SGI Depot, a very good resource with some part numbers.

SGI NekoChan info page.Touches on some issues.

TODO: Add Hi-Resolution pictures.

 Full Fuel Video Tour!

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