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Gentoo Linux HPPA on HP 9000 RP3440 with PA8800 Notes

Notes on Rp3440 Installation:

The port console=stty1 needs to be specified because the serial is handed off from the main console to the passed through serial port.

The disk partition layout needs to have the parisc boot partition in the beginning of the disk; type f0. This is where PALO is installed to. There then needs to be a separate ext2 formatted partition, also near the beginning of the disk, that will be mounted as /

There are a couple gotchyas to get things to compile correctly. First off, you must manually compile the kernel, because genkernel doens’t work to actually build the kernel itself.

You should generate a new config file as /usr/share/genkernel/parisc64/kernel-config, grab the current running kernel config file and put it there.

You need emerge kgcc64, and this:

Next, the kernel source has this bug in /usr/src/linux/arch/parisc/Makefile :

Under the ifdef CONFIG_64BIT section , change cross-compile to :

CROSS_COMPILE := hppa64-unknown-linux-gnu- ( at least, that’s what my hppa64 was named .. )

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