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Motorola MW800 Tour & Resources

Motorola MW800, Tour and Information Resources:

Once in a while I am able to obtain a batch of these magnificent machines, and when I do I sell them. Here is some information I have to share:

For those who cannot watch the above video; the Motorola MW series are mobile workstations commonly used in Police cars and City vehicles. They have other uses is many industries requiring rugged computers. For us auto enthusiasts it is considered a drop in entertainment solution, a designed to be car computer [carputer].

There is no sense in really repeating too much on this page because someone else has very generously compiled the most complete technical resource I know to help you find your way through the different models. It can be found here: http://batboard.batlabs.com/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=77615

This is a serious computer, a fully working machine that I consider faster than my X32 ThinkPad which on paper almost matches it eye for an eye. The MW800 was designed wonderfully.

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