2011 KBPI Rock n’ Roll Carshow

When my buddy was inviting me to leave for the speedway at 3am with him I was thinking probably not a bad idea, but the show had been small enough the last couple of years that I figured I could wait and drive down later on in the morning and be there to hang out and take pictures, film, etc. I had taken the day off work and was ready for a day packed with cars.

Well long story short my semi hungover ass got up late, and ended up sitting in traffic on the highway eventually rolling upto what I found to be the most crowded I have ever seen Bandimere Speedway, even the police were out everywhere, not because of anything bad, but because traffic was that horrible and needed the extra help. Once I finally got in the gates I was mid afternoon, and awards were about to be handed out and cars were getting ready to leave, so I did a semi-quick tour of the show and snapped pictures along the way.

This carshow is interesting in the fact that it brings the most radical of everything to the table, from both the good and outrageous portions of the spectrum. here are the pictures from the show, enjoy:

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