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Late May post, many updates!

Well hello and welcome!

I am sure there will be a video that follows up what I say here on the website, but I will be sure and include extra juicy stuff in here for those who like to read my posts 🙂

First off, the Talon tuning movie is ready to be edited, well part 1 of it anyways. I will be going into my office tomorrow for a while to modify the ecu for it. I need to invert the clutch signal input as mega-squirt expects the signal to be grounded while the clutch pedal is depressed. It just so happens that in the eagle talon the clutch switch is grounded all the time and then breaks the connection to ground when the pedal is depressed. This can easily be fixed with a couple of transistors and resistors, and I will be sure and include the modification process in part 2 of the video.

The reason why the video is going to be split into two parts is actually because the car is broken. The car broke on Saturday night after turning up the boost earlier that day and going on a car cruise. The tube from the manifold to the wastegate actually ended up cracking earlier in the week and was re-welded. Then the tube broke off altogether at the turbo manifold itself. At least we got to turn up the boost just before!

At the end of the video you’ll get to see the first two pulls starting to go into higher boost. We set the wastegate at 13 psi and held on for the ride! It would creep up to 16PSI at about 6,000rpm. The engine still cuts out since the a/f ratio ends up gong way fat up top when the engine gets over a certain rpm and boost pressure. After the manifold is welded we will be going for higher RPMs and higher boost. This is going to be good fun .. We are out to about 16 degrees of timing under 13 – 15 psi. There is as much as 20 degrees of timing at 5 – 8 PSI of Boost. This video should be out within the next couple of days, in the meantime I have uploaded a 15minute segment of raw video footage taken whilst we were tuning:

VR6 Goodies!

Ed, AKA Aussie50 On Youtube has taken an interest in the VR6 Lately, so I followed up with a video sharing what a VR6 engine looks like and threw in a bonus of the EG33 that just happened to be stashed inside the vanagon at the time:

Very soon I will be moving the van, I plan on it actually happening this week. I need to get the Corrados moved as well, I think we are at least going to be starting with the red one. The garage will be in the final phase of clean up this week, so we can get a car in there and possibly my motorcycle, as I am going to need to be bringing that home soon as well. Look for a video on the Van move for sure, and when the Corrado gets home.

It’s getting late and I have much more to say, but I guess I will have to save that for the camera tomorrow. I hope everyone has a great night, see ya soon.



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