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Been busy, and out of town!

Hello and sorry that it had been a long time since I’ve been active online. I have been busy with life changing stuff, I am out in Michigan right now at The Geek Group volunteering sorting out some car stuff whilst trying out for a job. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here and I did end up getting the job, so I will be moving out here very soon.

During the time that I am here, you can catch me during the day on the Geek Group livestream. You can chat in the IRC and interact with me as well while I work here in the vehicular sciences lab. Just goto thegeekgroup.org/live , there is even an IRC client bulit into the web page. Interactive television of the 21st Century!

My phone situation has been wonky, I have a new phone, and my old one got smashed so I lost all my damn phone numbers 🙁 !!!!! Then, when I attempted to activate new phone service, they wouldn’t grab my number over from cricket, effectively losing all potential contact I had with old friends and the like. I feel like I’m marooned on a desert island without my phone book, and I am trying to make do. I have had limited access to my Sun Server while I am out here, so I have not been able to recover the few phone numbers I have on there.

I am working on coming back to Colorado by the end of the weekend, for the first time in a week I had a little extra time to sit down and write out a post and let everyone know what’s going on. I will try and get a blog up on YouTube as well. I will be posting a lot more Geek Group videos on my YouTube blog, for the vehicular sciences lab.

After I get back into town, I will be there for a month to wrap up all the lose ends I have with friends’ projects. I need to fix some electronics, wrap up some server stuff for Gus, and finish my buddies car.

It’s 3:50am here now, so I am going to get off of here for now. I will follow up with a video tomorrow.

If you haven’t heard from me, I dearly apologize. Things will be kind of back to normal at the end of this week.

Have a good night!

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