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Current Release:

Download Solaris Tools v0.2 / December 2012

Older Releases:

Download Solaris Tools v0.1

I have been using some of these tools with my Solaris box ever since I got it initially, and now that I’ve worked hard on a backup program I figure I can release it and allow for people who want to use it on their Sparc Solaris box.

How to install:

Download from link above; then unpackage and install with:

gunzip -c solaristools.tar.gz | tar xvf –

cd doogielabs/


Notes file included in the download:

Commands; sbu * icespace * l
Do not run until the following criteria are met!

  • mt is installed, and your tape device is at /dev/rmt/0
  • gtar will need to be installed from the CSW repository
  • Please make sure that mttar is installed from OpenCSW; pkgutil -i mtwrite
  • DoogieLabs Solaris tools assumes mttar is located at
  • /opt/csw/bin/mttar
  • DoogieLabs Utilities are installed to /opt/doogielabs

Solaris Backup Utilities Release Notes:

0.5 – First mostly finished basic version, released to alpha
0.6 – Goes to end of media after performing backup, so that the next backup
can be added.
– Added loop to quit software, instead of return 0; in the case selection
– Clears Terminal Screen when opening software
– Added error control, for all except fetch contents
0.7 – Configurable backup routines complete and fully functional
– Added total space calculation under view backup routines
– Changed tar to multithreaded tar mttar
– Added backup slot 0 for /opt/doogielabs
0.8 – Configuration file fully functional! Sweet
– Configurable backup routines disk to disk and disk to tape,
allowing the routines to be run as a batch.
0.85 – Fixed missing options when working with saved backups
– Initial addition of restore feature
– Discontinued using more with command output
– Discovered and fixed issue where file names are not saved to config
0.86 – When restoring to custom dir, check if exists and ask to create if not
– Eliminated double backup of tape slot 0 when an error was detected with
a slot and had to be corrected.
– Tape slot bug has been fixed by “formatting” the tape prior to use
0.90- Automatic tape spanning support! :-O
0.91- Tape Spanning restore support!
0.92- Saves current config file before writing it to tape
– Added Config file options supporting different config files,
– allowing tapes to be purposed differently.
0.93 – Changed tape device allowing compression
1.0 – Goals
– Restore Utility that works (CUSTOM RESTORE PATH OPTION)
– configurable device paths
– Calculate size of all tape backups to check it will fit on a single tape
– Working log to file option
2.0 – Goals
– using ncurses library for new user interface
– Tape library commands support
– Cron backup batch routines


If SBU crashes, there should be a core dump in /opt/doogielabs/bin named “core”, send this file and the version of your solaris backup utility to doogielabs@gmail.com and I will run mdb against it and see if I can turn up anything useful.



Going to add in power ball software compiled for solaris! With release of tools 0.3

Bug #1: Status: CONFIRMED,  IN TESTING, 90%

An issue has been reported with the use of more when outputting stuff during a backup. This can cause a delay when loading the main menu hanging on a status for the tape drive. Fix is planned for next version. There was also a suggestion of adding a optional log to file feature in place. The feature will be considered part of the bug fix.

The Solaris Tools pack 0.2 will include the latest version of the backup utility that should have more at least removed. Logging is still to come.

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