Igloo 12V electric cooler arduino modification for the van

At the thrift store I found another one of these 12V Igloo electric coolers. They have a 35W Peltier cooler installed in them and can keep food and drinks nice and cold even on a warmer day. This particular unit I managed to score for only $7.00, which I thought was a good deal.After getting it home and plugging it into 12V, I discovered that it didn't work at all,

Amazing clock made from vacuum tubes, well, televisions actually..

I wish I was the originator of this idea, and am proud to say that I was able to make a contribution. This is simply amazing. A gentleman that hangs out in our chatroom by the name of Tripp, or treehouseman as he's known in the IRC, has been working meticulously over the last couple months on a concept that has netted him title of the coolest clock I have

Troll HD Camera Housing Hacking S750

Project Introduction: So we were given a Troll Systems camera housing with everything except the S750 master controller. Instead of spending thousands of dollars on a master controller, we're going to break out the connector and control the camera ourselves. Here are the pics of the circuit board and a diagram of the pinouts.   Here is the pinout of the Hirose 10P 12 Pin connector that is on the