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Project Thumper made Hackaday!

screenshot029The new video is out for Thumper, and it ended up being posted on Hackaday (click here for the original post) I was very excited to see this on Hackaday, and then was disappointed when I read comments like:

“Maybe it’s just me, but I love the Geek Group too. However, Chris just rubs me the wrong way. I know he means well, but sometimes I feel like his personality is what’s holding me back from engaging more in the group.”

Here was my reply, which apparently is awaiting moderation, but I figured I’d post it here for everyone to see, because those who can’t see past Chris need to get one thing straight:

It was awesome to wake up and see this here, on one of my most favorite sites of the internet. It is one of the best videos that The Geek Group has ever released. The A/V department has taken it completely to the next level.

Dave, and anyone that may feel that way: Please don’t forget about the many other awesome people in that building. I came to TGG from Colorado, and I came for the cause, and to build a world wide community where everyone can work together for the greater good. Everyone here works very hard to make this possible, and loves it. We work just as hard to be here to help you learn, because we’re The Geek Group. Singling out one person, and not giving the rest of the group a chance would not be fair. Reminds me of grade school when I was singled out and not given a chance just because I was different, why perpetuate a stereotype that most geeks wish they could escape?

If you cannot accept that people are different, have different personalities, how do you expect to evolve in the modern age?

I am on the Livestream much of the day. Everyone from 12 years old to 40 fixes cars with me, brainstorms ideas, and has a blast building everything from phase change refrigeration computer cases to video systems and beyond. If you keep from poking in on the live stream and IRC for the sole reason that you don’t like somebody who shows their face for 1/16th of the entire day, you’re missing out on so much fun!

I am not here for Chris, I didn’t drive 1100 miles with an empty bank account to see Chris. I am here for you, for The Geek Group. If your personality clashes with him, don’t engage with him, but 15/16ths of the rest of the day I encourage you to stop in and say hi. I am always open for a great conversation and new ideas.

Bravo to Steven, Elizabeth, Moose, Mike, Aaron, Rocco, and Brian. It was all of you in your day to day struggle that made this real. I couldn’t feel more at home..



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