Cooking some batteries and making skirts

So I put up a sort of How to video on the process I did when I made a skirt for my hovercraft. It should be pretty easily for others to replicate based on my techniques in the video. The first water test with the new skirt was very successful. Increasing the skirt pressure a bit did make it run okay across the water. I want to do a full

RC Hovercraft night run with roll over crash

This night run was pretty interesting. With unusually high winds it certainly made control a challenge. All in all, it actually puts up with the wind quite well. After reviewing the footage of the run, you can tell that the front lifts up just enough to catch more air and then it lifts right off the ground. It looks as if I may need to add a spoiler on the

1st Hovercraft night run and new project page!

So yesterday I did the first string of POV camera tests with the hovercraft. All in all, it went well. The new motors are holding up alright so far, and I'm pushing them pretty hard. I've drew 138amps peak on this run: [embed][/embed] I also setup the official project page on here for the hovercraft, which you can find under projects in the menu, or here directly: