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April Update 2016

The G5 quad is doing great. The system has been up for more than 175 days now after traditionally it crashing out after 30. I am currently running the stock cooling system until issues are resolved with the other one. Though, I’m out of town, so hopefully the factory one holds out well. I feel that it will since I am actually running the cooling system more aggressively than it normally does. While the pump does run at higher RPMs, the system overall runs cooler and I’m hoping that lower overall temperatures will result in overall system longevity. I’m impressed though, that thing has held up well since finishing it. Reliable as ever.


A new product was launched last week as well. A DoogieLabs original, the Schmartbar controller. This is a controller for the electronically disconnectable swaybar found on newer jeeps, and doesn’t require CAN bus or any extra special electronics to make the swaybar work. This allows 4WD enthusiasts to retrofit these fantastic sway bars on their custom projects and make them disconnectable at the flip of a switch instead of having to get out and unlock the endlinks. This project has been a long time in the making, as I completed the engineering start to finish in my spare time. It is finally available to the public. Once the pre-orders are filled, I should have enough extra cash to run a small batch to keep a local stock. Get yours while the sale price is still good!

schmartbar1.2Everything is included to make the swaybar work, you will just need to come up with a cover that you can pass the wires through and seal the swaybar compartment so it’s water tight. More pictures, as well as the documentation will be available soon


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