Automotive Performance Tip / Tutorial: Headerwrapping your DownPipe; the Why and How-To

When working on my buddy’s Corrado I decided to take the opportunity to teach everyone how to properly use header wrap when wrapping up your down-pipe or header. It’s my first real attempt a tutorial video hopefully it is easy to follow and entertaining. Definitely welcome to feedback. Cheers!   Automotive Performance Tip / Tutorial: […]

White Corrado Lives Again!

After a few years of sitting waiting for some new parts, the car finally lives again! The car was a little grumpy to get started, after having issues with the fuel pump wiring, and replacing some missing relays it fired up. After it was warm and I checked for leaks I went ahead and shot […]

Work goes on

Another Corrado has made its way into the shop, the motor was received new piston rings and bearings from me in 2008, was driven 20 miles and has sat ever since awaiting shift linkage and axles and some other details. The time has come to finish this one up, since its much closer than the […]


Welcome 🙂 Finally got around to getting the new site together. Totally new look, totally new foundation. Freaking awesome. Its taken some adjusting to the new format but I’m finding it more useful than the old layout. So, whats new at the shop? Lots, I have started shaving the engine bay of my Corrado (project […]