Corrado Update, Blog, and News for Friday 5-16-2015

The new server hosting -- Click for the new G5 Quad page --   So, this site has been a bit dormant lately. Not to worry folks! It's not going anywhere. I am now on a new server, one I've dreamed of having for a very long time and now it's finally here and "almost" sorted. I will actually be leaving the server running on a processor that is

Universal Servo Mount – Automate the Corrado heaterbox

Progress has been continuing on the Corrado. Trying to get the heaterbox all finished up so I can get it back in the car. A couple years ago, I started to convert the heater box to electronically controllable flaps. I was looking at different ways to mount a servos onto the heater box. I ended up using Autodesk inventor and created a part to suit my needs: This is a

Blog and news for Friday, July 22nd 2012

Maintenance Notice! The Icebox server will be moved to a new location no later than August 31st, 2012. We expect the move to take a few hours and there will be minimal service interruption. We expect the move to take place on a Sunday evening. Please continue to check back and I'll post an exact date and time once arrangements have been made. Whats up! Things have been very busy

White Corrado Lives Again!

After a few years of sitting waiting for some new parts, the car finally lives again! The car was a little grumpy to get started, after having issues with the fuel pump wiring, and replacing some missing relays it fired up. After it was warm and I checked for leaks I went ahead and shot a video. It's a little hard to get started warm since there is no "TPS"

March Video Blog! whaaa

That's right, I've got a video setup that finally seems to work a treat, so I've been stepping it up. I figured it out, I could sit here and talk all day long in text that I can do this or that, or I can on the other hand film what I'm actually capable of, and then when I post my ads on Craigslit or hand out a business card

News and Blog for March 29th, 2012

Whats happening? Lots! First off, I finally finished the tour and full video of the Motorola Mobile Work Stations / Carputers that I have available for sale. I will be using one in the van, and the Corrado. The difference will be that in the Corrado, I won't be using the Motorola screen, its too klunky. So I set one up, and tore one apart! There has been an interest

Work goes on

Another Corrado has made its way into the shop, the motor was received new piston rings and bearings from me in 2008, was driven 20 miles and has sat ever since awaiting shift linkage and axles and some other details. The time has come to finish this one up, since its much closer than the Black car. Anyone remember this video? Since I have upgraded all the parts in my

News and blog for Wednesday, October 19th 2011

Submitted by doogieon Wed, 10/19/2011 - 23:45 So I'm going to open this one with a fail, I managed to lose the charger to my camera batteries. I dont know if I lost it in the move of if I ended up mis placing it in a container her at the shop. I do get paid on Friday so I have considered just going and picking up another one, since


Welcome :) Finally got around to getting the new site together. Totally new look, totally new foundation. Freaking awesome. Its taken some adjusting to the new format but I'm finding it more useful than the old layout. So, whats new at the shop? Lots, I have started shaving the engine bay of my Corrado (project page coming soon) and getting ready for a long winter of purchasing goodies for the

News and Blog for Tuesday, June 14th 2011

Oh boy has it been a long time! One thing leads to another and in short I have been busy. A month went by like it's nothing, man don't blink or you'll miss summer! Anyways, lots of loose ends need tied up I have a few things that I'm trying to get posted at the same time. I have been parting my Passat I have and going to Bandimere for