2010 Bugin Carshow and Race

The Bug-In at Bandimere was a blast this year! The turnout isn’t as good as I was expecting, but still great. I ended up getting there around noon, and passed tech and was ABLE TO RACE! I didn’t have time to remove anything, I didn’t even wash my Van! It generated a surprising amount of interest and was also the fastest transporter type of vehicle for the day.

There were probably 4 Corrados total, after we managed to get the batteries charged in the Camera two of them had snuck away.

I got some footage from the show as well, one video didn’t turn out so great so I didn’t upload it. These are only a few of the mentionables at the track, there was lots of neat stuff there that day!

Here is my best run of the day in the Vanagon, it’s always a blast driving a Bus that moves like this!

This was the fastest bug of the day:

Here is one of the Corrados that raced that day:

My buddy Andy in his pre-Westmoreland ABA rabbit:

Another Corrado, this one was driven by a female:

Remember that if you decide you would like any of the hi-res originals as wallpapers all you will need to do is click on the image for it’s original:

I hope to be back next year with my Corrado!

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