Work goes on

Another Corrado has made its way into the shop, the motor was received new piston rings and bearings from me in 2008, was driven 20 miles and has sat ever since awaiting shift linkage and axles and some other details. The time has come to finish this one up, since its much closer than the Black car.

Anyone remember this video?

Since I have upgraded all the parts in my car, the remaining G60 parts are available for the white Corrado. Since my Van needs an engine rebuild and lots of other stuff, this may become my daily driver temporarily!

So now the shop has three Corrados:

I have also been working on the downpipe for the red Corrado, its going to flow incredible and look awesome. Here are a couple of quick snapshots of fitment:

Here we are with the intake manifold installed:

As you can see its a tight fit, but allows 2.5″ exhaust from a small GT28RS turbo. I will most definitely take more detailed pictures or even a video so you can see the neat trick that allows this to happen.

Also, in other news, the Sun server is now in production, and the powerhouse server is no more. Whooray!
More videos and updates coming soon.

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