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White Corrado Lives Again!

After a few years of sitting waiting for some new parts, the car finally lives again!

The car was a little grumpy to get started, after having issues with the fuel pump wiring, and replacing some missing relays it fired up. After it was warm and I checked for leaks I went ahead and shot a video. It’s a little hard to get started warm since there is no “TPS” or throttle switches in the case of VW Digifant I engine management.

The engine sounded great, if not better than after driving it the 25 miles on the new engine before storing it. I snagged an extra muffler laying around for temporary use and for the first time I was really able to listen to the engine block to see if there were any internal engine noises. Nothing of the sort, everything works good and the turbo definitely sounds ready to go. I want to drive it bad but there is much work to be done. I THINK I am going to be deleting the idle stabilizer valve for now. This will all get sorted once the rest of the car is finished as I actually think that adding in the TPS will resolve the idling issues and hard starting.


The rest of the car needs to be gone through as well, I’ve noticed that the control arm bushings are in disarray, at least the steering rack is new so that’s cool. I will take more pictures and videos as this progresses. In the short term I need to get the shifter and linkage all squared away, then I can focus more on what it needs to make it drive.

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