News and ramblings 11-27-2012

The site looks a little bit different?

Indeed, I was actually able to take some time and get some material posted up which is very nice. I basically sat at home over the entire holiday weekend and messed around with computer stuff. I did some performance tweaking on the server, a little bit more programming, installed an OS on an old Alpha machine, and a few other things. It was very nice to figure some things out, as well as share videos and thoughts. Time to break it down;

Change(s) ICEBOX HOSTED SITE ADMINS NEED TO KNOW, and may be mild to moderately entertaining for anyone else’s read.

  • I have removed the cap in the master robots.txt file so search engines, and sites like the waybackmachine can index this website. It helps immensely in small business and advertising. Area51 is still disallowed.
  • The Master RAID disk has been converted to the ZFS File system, the data transfer took place sometime around 2 weeks ago. This happened overnight and the transition was seamless.
  • 20Gb Quota has been set for the web server’s file system. We definitely have a long way to go before we fill it that far, and we can add more later if needed. The web server’s root is /raid/www and the free space can be found here or later in tools >> Realtime server info

If you are interested in hosting a wordpress site, drupal, etc. Hit me with an e-mail

Changes made to the DoogieLabs Site:

  • Lots of stuff added to the menus up top; Added some pages to the HowTo, Created a Computing Museum subsection under projects and added some YouTube videos along with an MW800 resource page.
  • A new YouTube menu has been added with a direct link to all my uploads, as well as a link to my car video collection play list. I will be adding more play lists over the course of December.
  • Tools menu was renamed to Apps&Tools, since there is now an Application in there 🙂
  • Re-added the images/links that were lost on the right when I upgraded the software core.

What else has been going on?

Looking for a Job. It’s time to be a sysadmin, it appears that I am able to get a grant to cover the certifications that I want. When combined with my previous experience it will get me in pretty much anywhere I want to be for about $55,000 / year. That would be too bad for someone who’s 26 yrs old, but if you look through the website anyone would agree that it probably should be more than that :-P. Before I eat my own foot, I’ll share something else;


I have mentioned the powerball software that I have been working on because I have been refreshing myself on some c++ programming. I have had real fun putting this together, all from something that started as writing my interpretation of a better random number generator.

I have finally got something together that works, it uses things built into UNIX/Linux such as wget to grab the latest plaintext drawings file from the powerball website, and then automatically apply some analysis and spit out a number that you in theory go buy a lottery ticket with and somehow win. I will explain this in great detail in time, since the Jackpot is $425 million I will have some numbers tonight that I can go try hopefully.

Powerball preliminary testing, the random number generator takes approximately 45 seconds to come up with a valid drawing. It is then compared to all the drawing ever made to see if it matches x amount of numbers. In this case the threashold is 5.

It does some other things, like spits out all time statistics. I have also written other file functions, eg. it tell you how many times each number has ever been drawn,  can tell you how many times a drawing you put in by hand matches. It’s all very interesting to look at and mess around with, but there isn’t really any user interface yet so it’s not ready for other people to mess around with quite yet. I am still building master functions. Just keep an eye peeled for an update about this in Mid-December.

Well I hope that was fun, it’s 3:27am and getting later I had better crash out. More videos coming soon have a good night y’all.


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