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News for Sunday, October 31st 2010

There hasn’t been much for showable progress since I have been moving everything into the new place. It has been going well and my lease starts tomorrow 11/1.

At least I got everything moved over already! Okay just the stuff that goes INSIDE the house has been moved. I took the entire 1st week of November off of work just to get settled in, and will spend the better part of the week moving the car stuff and getting the outside of the house situated and organized.

The server will be moving down the street with me, I actually got internet that is much faster than the connection my server is currently hosted at so we should see an all around speed improvement after it’s moved.

It’s very exciting to be moving, I have many more projects that are available to me now, and as a result you should see an increase in the material being posted on this site. I am going to be as busy as ever but at least now I get to have fun while doing it, in my own garage.

Anyways, expect to see another update very soon with pictures of the newly revamped work area. I have so much space in my master bedroom I was able to fit both my office and my bed in here so I rolled it into the same space. It’s still quite spacious in the bedroom and definitely doesn’t seem cluttered like my old bedroom did. (maybe it was the big-screen TV)

The server will go down for maintenance tomorrow morning and will be back up sometime after the new internet is setup. I plan on dusting the box out at the same time so I expect it’ll be down all day.

Stay tuned and have a Happy Halloween!

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