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News for Wednesday, August 18th 2010

Albert got new shoes!

I got some Michelin Agilis Tires to go with my smallcar wheels and it turned out great! The ride is much better and the response to wind gusts has certainly changed. It even turns better!

We went to Rocky Mountain National Park over the weekend and up Trailridge Road. Albert climbed over 11,200 feet and didn’t lag behind for a single bit of it. You definitely notice the reduced power at altitude but hills were still overtaken with ease. The view was breathtaking and we got some great pictures:

We wanted to go hiking with the dogs but as it turns out dogs aren’t allowed on the trails within Rocky Mountain National Park. There were lots of great trails outside the park that allows dogs on their trails.

Coming up this Sunday is DATR, I am most excited to be at the show and hope I can muster up a Trophy this year. I was definitely too late to the bug-in to get any votes but since I won’t be racing on the actual PPIR track it will just sit in the show all day. I almost could race but since I wasn’t able to obtain a full oil cooler kit in time I think I will just have to sit this round out. The next round that I get paid I am going to order the over-sized pistons need to rebuild the EG33. Once I collect all the parts and have the block manga-fluxed I will have everything cryo treated and then the machine work will be done. I don’t expect it to take long to accomplish all of that, maybe another month or so. Either way its going to be fun to do all of the work, and next year I will truly start to enjoy the Van to it’s full potential.

I have got some more done on the port-work page, I updated Albert’s page and changed the layout every so slightly. I should have another page all finished up here in the next week or so I have been busy with work which hasn’t left time for much else.

Anyways thanks for dropping in and I will have more goodies to share soon.
– Doogie

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