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It’s back up!

Finally got the server back up and running, it blew ALL of the capacitors! yuck

Here is a shot of the load testing, seemed to work just fine.

It was not very fun to fix, this is the SECOND DELL that has taken a shit on me when used as a server. I am finally fed up, even though it’s fixed and will probably last forever, I think it’s time that I take a look into getting some serious hardware that will have some proven relability and redundancy.

Here are some pictures of the disassembled server, scoping out the damage:

Most of all the capactiors showed signs of leakage, Nichicon caps are shit?

If you look close, you’ll see I actually added caps into the smaller footprint spaces allowed. I tested these electrically and they checked out to be in parallel with the other caps next to it. For total overall added capacitance I went ahead and added a bunch of smaller ones, this was the same method used on an older P4 I fixed a few months back, which has been rock solid since.

Got them switched out, piled the bad ones on the board. I didn’t have a bunch on hand, I ended up striping some from other spare parts boards I had around. I made sure and doubled the voltage values to prevent leakage.

So It’s all back together, I ran a load test for a while, then I did the ultimate one, I left a live streaming channel up on the computer all night, just as I had done in the past and instead of it shutting down hard at some point through the night, IT WAS STILL ON! I think I will call this one case closed, but this servers days here at DoogieLabs are numbered. I have already purchased a replacement server, and disk drives 🙂 I will have a video on the new arrival here next week.

In other news, all Dynamic DNS issues have been resolved. Whooray!

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