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News and Blog for Monday February 1st, 2010

– The DoogieLabs Vanagon page has been updated, JDM engine section has been added
– The downloads section was officially moved over from Area51
– Added a poll


Disassembly of the JDM engine has commenced while I wait for my 3rd and 4th gears to come in from weddle industries. The engine has came apart smoothly without any apparent problems. I have noticed that the lower wiring harness on this engine seems to be more brittle than it’s US counterpart and as a result I had broken a couple of plugs. I am currently debating whether to purchase a new harness or attempt to repair the old. It’s frustrating when you squeeze a clip to release the connector and the tab disintegrates in your hands.

This is really all the further I got, the postman showed up and I had some electronic components to entertain myself with.. I will get more done on this tomorrow.

Here is the JDM intake manifold upside down, note the lack of EGR components 😉

Onto the distraction, one thing I was very happy to see come in is by huge bundle of breadboard wires.. I was tired of stripping a whole bunch of wires so I decided to purchase some pre-made, it really did help as I was able to construct a circuit in about 30 minutes vs about twice that fiddling around with stripping tiny wires:

370 of them in total, I managed to stuff them in this contianer:

This is the circuit that I prototyped, more on this later:

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