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Blog for Wednesday, June 30th 2010

It’s Alive!!!

Still working away on the Van, I have been getting as much done as I can, minimizing my time on any other tasks like hanging out with the girlfriend.I just want this all finished up so I can get on with my summer, there are many hiking, camping, and other summertime experiences awaiting to be discovered and the last thing I want to be doing every day during my summer is being stuck at home working on cars. It looks like there is light at the end of the tunnel, by the end of the weekend it will be back on the streets finished up minus wheels, tires, and big brakes. I order new bumpers this Friday so it will be a few more days on those as well.

Here are the finished engine and transmission, which are now installed in the Van:

The transmission looks good, I cannot wait to drive it to see what the new diff and gear ratios feel like:

Here is a preview of the paint, the roof has been truckbed lined but the bottom still needs to be done.

This shot was taken before the roof was done:

Smooth as glass:

One thing you will notice is that when I do actually get time (this weekend) to sit down and update the site that all of the new pictures will end up in the Vanagon page versus posting them in my blog. Don’t worry I will post exactly which sections are updated with easy to access links that way you will not need to go hunting for them. It’s so sweet to see things finally starting to wrap up with the project 2 years in the making.

Excitement has built so much I don’t even want to the last bits of cooling system adjustments and just want to hook it up the way it was and drive, it’s hard sometimes to take the time to slow down and do it right.

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