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Blog Entry for Sunday, January 27th 2010

After 9,000 miles of trouble free driving I had my first problem!

Actually, I was already aware of the issues with 3rd gear because just after I first put together the Van I was “locked out of 3rd” for a while but it eventually fixed itself and it held for 8,500 miles. There is a known defect related to 3rd gear in the 091/1 transmissions. I have been taking my time gathering all the parts to finish Albert and it’s time to start making more progress. Today I removed the engine and transmission to remove the bellhousing and send it back for an exchange. (just after I posted in the vanagon pages it was okay haha) It wasn’t that big of a deal because I had to remove the transmission anyways.

I have it stashed underneath the table at the moment, tomorrow during my “4 hour lunch” I will separate the engine and start to disassemble the transmission:

I also removed the axles as well as the old joints, I have new German made joints to go in but need to go pick up some synthetic grease:

Here is an axle shaft ready to accept the new joints:

My Peloquin Torque Biasing Differential, now the van will actually go places in the snow:

It looks awesome:

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