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SGI Stuff March!

I picked up a large lot of SGI stuff that was about to be trashed, and have been working to restore everything back to fully functional condition and then listing it up online. If anyone is interested in an SGI Fuel or Octane and wants it personalized just let me know and we can work something out. I expect to have everything setup and listed by Wednesday on eBay with the exception of a couple of systems that I am still awaiting parts on.

It’s pretty interesting to think that these computers have held their value after 10 years, and you can still get more for them than any older iPhone. SGI machines are used throughout Europe still. Looking at my Octane from 1999 it’s pretty interesting to think about how such a machine could edit HD video with no problem. Yet a PC just a few years old probably couldn’t handle the task. That’s the kind of power we are talking here, all from a computer that is just a few hundred megahertz.

I have filmed a video about the SGI Fuel using one of the systems I have for a demo, which you can find you YouTube here:

 I have not created the vintage computer page yet because I have been busy with prepping these machines and filling other orders and doing repairs. Definitely expect to see some updates towards the end of this month. I actually have a really neat project that hasn’t been turned loose on here or YouTube yet.

I also have other Inventory that will be up for sale here shortly, of the Sun variety. Another Sun enthusiast locally has worked to restore a few machines to working condition and we’ve decided to go ahead list some of them up as they need a new home.

Keep checking eBay for my SGI listings. There is already an Octane that is up for sale and ready to do work:


In other news, the online store was broken earlier this week and I was unaware since I was busy working on Customer projects. This issue has since been cleared up, so if anything goes awry please let me know.

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