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Power supply cap order list

So this is more my personal notes, buuuuut then I thought about it and this may actually be handy to someone else wanting to fix an expensive power supply. This is the list of Capacitors and values that one would need to order up when recapping this power supply.

Use your ESR meter, you’ll likely find the larger filter caps okay, but the small 2.2µ, 4.7µ, and 10µ will not be so healthy. Due to space constraints you may not be able to run larger voltage values in some situations. Have new known good values of the smaller ones on hand to compare your ESR meter, unless you’re using an in circuit simulator of course 😉 (they will catch what a cap wizard doesn’t)

SunFire V250 power supply, Astec Model AA22960, 460Watt

Logic Board:

  • – 10uF 35V, C309
  • – 4.7uF 50v, C475
  • – 220uF 6.3v, C458
  • – 1000uF 16v, C570, Metal Can type

Power Input and Filter Board:

  • – 180uF 450V, C9, C10 1″ x 1.5″
  • – 220uF 35V, C36
  • – 220uF 25V, C17 (can accommodate taller cap, so use 35V)
  • – 1500uF 16V Metal Can, C20
  • – 10uF 35V, C103 (can go tall), C159 (must be exact size)
  • – 22uF 35V, C108 (can go tall),
  • – 47uF 25V, C112 (can go tall), C27 (can be taller)
  • – 4.7uF 35V, C7
  • – 560uF 35V, C21 (may need high temp)
  • – 860uF @ 3v? the label doesnt make sense, C24

Rectification and output board:

  • – 220uF 25V, C282
  • – 10uF 25V, C238, C284  << ordered 35v caps
  • – 4.7uF 35V, C243, C242
  • – 47uF 25V, C270, (going to use 35v rating)
  • – 22uF 35V, C221, C202
  • – 3900uF 6.3v, C235, another buried under heatsink
  • – 3300uF 10V, C254
  • – 2200uF 10v, C208
  • – 470uF 16V, Metal can under heatsink

I also am fixing a power supply in an LG TV at the same time;

(EDIT; Broken Image removed, lost during the server move)

Power supply replacement capacitors;

  • 10v 3300uF,  C227, C203, C202, C210, C283, C282, C281, C271, C272, C201
  • 63v 680uF,  C261, C251
  • 10v 1000uF, C275,
  • 50V 100uF, C255, C223
  • 25V 100uF, C262, C730, C205, <<<< Ended up using 50V rated for
  • replacement
  • 10V 330uF, C285
  • 50V 10uF, C801, C855, C504,
  • 50V 22uF, C153
  • 100V 470uF, C901, C904
  • 63V 47uF, C506, C604
  • 450V 68uF

The TV and the Sun Power supply are about a week out getting fixed. I am waiting on fun stuff from Mouser.

This will randomly update as the repair is completed.

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