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News and Blog for Tuesday, March 20th 2012

Whats up all!


I have been pretty busy with stuff here at the shop. I have had a few repair jobs, and a couple of unforeseen projects. The first repair job is recovering or resetting the BIOS password in a Dell Inspiron 1000 series. Since there is no security chip on this particular machine, and the password is stored on the eeprom that holds the bios itself, I actually had to de-solder the chip from the laptops motherboard, put it into my prom burner and load a new BIOS binary file after completely wiping the contents of the chip. (dont forget to back it up just incase!)

The reason why I needed into the BIOS was because the onboard mouse was disabled, and I needed to turn it back on, or always use an external mouse, which is not exactly practical lol. So as you can see it worked great, and the laptop had a few other things fixed on it. You can see the broken standoff for the northbridge heatsink, yuck! This display also had no screws in the hinges, and other hinge screws were lose. It felt like a brand new laptop when I was done, I was surprised that the hinges werent sloppy, the screws were just a little loose! ha


I also got another repair in, a motherboard or main logic board for a copy machine. Because the RTC battery was bad they wanted to replace the whole damn board! Are you kidding me? Just needed a proper tech to diagnose it. Nobody repairs boards anymore, only tosses away and replaces, which is a shame to think about really;

I will post a shop update video or have more of some sorts here in a few days. Right now its pretty late, and I want to install that copier board tomorrow, so I had better crash out for the evening.

I also forgot to post, I tested out the aluminum repair rod HTS-2000, check out the repair on a hole I made in the bottom of an aluminum can:


So thats all I got time to post up for now, but I have some way cool projects to share that I’m currently working on. Stay Tuned


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