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I originally started this website and company in early 2009 to consolidate and stop posting my project threads on various forums, which has caused everything to be disorganized or lost. It is now all hosted from my private web server. This site is intended to be an educational and personal reference page for my business, projects and interests. Exploration will uncover hidden treasures as there’s a lot buried in the archives that’s not immediately apparent. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to leave one, no account is required. If any images are broken, please me know. Welcome to DoogieLabs!

DoogieLabs was created by me, Michael Rick, and has had several employees at times throughout the years, although currently I am the only one. It represents a research and development facility, as well as automotive performance, customization, and technology integration (such as computers and electronics).  What started out as a hobby has allowed me to hone the skills of professionally taking almost any concept to creation. My artistic expression is the culmination of technology and automotive engineering. With the right balance of modern and time proven methods, I can achieve outcomes that jump curves.

Just a few snapshots from posts over the years..


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Gentoo Linux HPPA on HP 9000 RP3440 with PA8800 Notes

Notes on Rp3440 Installation: The port console=stty1 needs to be specified because the serial is handed off from the main ...
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Zoneminder Linux / mdraid Optimizations

I was looking at things on the new server that I had just setup today and I noticed that the ...
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Debian 9 Stretch SSH logging to file with rsyslog

This is just a quick note, and this does apply to other systems that use rsyslog. Following these steps will ...
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Installation notes for Debian 9 Stretch onto Dell Mini 1012

When I first attempted to get Linux installed on my Dell Mini 1012, the fist boot into the operating system ...
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Getting PCRE to compile on Solaris 9 SPARC

So there are some folks who are still trying to run modern things on old SPARC machines still. I pulled ...
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Make lto-cm compile

lto-cm doesn't compile, here are some tips! Those of you who are looking to check out the lto-cm utility located ...
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E2900 / V1280 Enable GUI

I have a XVR-100 and a USB card installed in my E2900. To enable the graphical console login in Solaris ...
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SUN NVRAM / HostID: Re-programming SUN NVRAM after replacement.

The below writeup was originally posted at this address: http://www.squirrel.com/squirrel/sun-nvram-hostid.faq.html ...
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This site is educational, this information is intended for use in bettering one’s understanding and collaboration for knowledge. Almost all images are clickable for their higher resolution counterparts. I am 100% self educated and hope the information here helps others educate themselves as well. DoogieLabs will not be held liable for personal injury or damage to property from mis-use of the content on this site. Please use common sense and be conscious of health and safety when doing ANY type of experiment, or fabrication. No account is required for comments, but malicious comments and spam will be with-held.

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