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Late January update!

SGI Fuels are now in stock!

Well things have been kind of slow in the way of progress of personal projects because I have been busy trying to get my stuff together and listed on eBay. I recently made the next round of purchases of computer equipment and a bunch of it will be listed up very soon. If you are looking for a laptop or an SGI Computer this will definitely be the place in February to get one. After the half dozen items are up online, I can finally make progress on some side projects. Here is a preview of the SGI Fuels that will be for sale, there is a full tour coming up soon:


Chevy S-10 Bucking Troubleshooting and Diagnosis:

I have been doing a few things with cars this month as well. I am definitely going to spend more time at the shop in Feb since the weather seems like it’s going to be better. The fuel vaproizer and yamaha projects need progress desperately. I made a short video of some pof the car stuff I did, who knows, maybe it will help someone else:

What an interesting bit of issues eh? The truck is in overall okay shape. Not bad for 10 years old at all. There were a couple of things glued from the people who had previously worked on it. Typical non-sense. I noticed later on while editing the video that you can hear the rattles and other things very well in the truck. That is the typical American car after 100,000 miles. Hell, that thing only had 90K on it and it already sounds like that on the inside. Disappointing, but not un-expected. It’s definitely not the worst choice when it comes to vehicles, and to each their own so whatever anyways 😛 lol.

Time Lapse camera testing:

I have been testing out a few features on my new JVC HD Camcorder. I actually really like the time lapse feature and decided to take some video while I cleaned the basement and the garage. I also took some footage of an aircraft at night which was able to produce reasonable results for filming something far away in the middle of the night. I have been rather happy with all the video I’ve taken with it, it feels very solid.

Here are the test clips that I compiled and posted on YouTube:

There will be a nice lengthy follow up video on the SGI Fuel. There isn’t actually too much info on these machines. There is a fair amount don’t get me wrong, but things like resetting the PROM password, as well as how to get IRIX loaded onto one are two things that are seemingly not listed anywhere. (but I DEFINITELY NEEDED THEM at one point or another!)
So I will take the liberty of covering those topics in my posting / video. The page will be added to the computer museum above along with the rest of the interesting hardware I have had so far.

I hope you enjoyed the update, don’t forget to rate pages and stuff. The rating system now is available on the right, so the best pages can be looked at first. I am also working on getting an online store setup a little bit better. Things are definitely looking on the up and up, there is a very comprehensive set of plug-ins for online stores with my CMS.

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