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Upgrade for the V880!

I got the cable in that I have been wanting for a very long time. . I decided to make a video of the installation process, pretty neat!

I ran a UnixBench routine at the end for a real world filecopy example. I have noticed that there is a slight performance hit when copying to the raid versus a  a single disk. I suspect that this is because it is a smaller file that is used in the test.

Either way I’m happy, and setting up multipathing out of the solaris manual was very easy. The hardest part was disabling it on other non FC controllers, which turned out to be easy in itself.

This completes the upgrades to my V880 I set out to get when I first built it. The only thing not maxed out on this machine is the RAM, however I haven’t hit the limit on the 32gigs that I have. (I have used about half of it though.)

Finding 64 1Gb Ramsticks would probably not be possible.


P.S. I decided to post some screenshots along with a silly little experiment. The first screen shot is the RAID test post upgrade, as seen in the video. The second screen shot is the same test but run from within a Ramdisk. hehe


Unixbench disk test results filecopy 4096 bufsize 8000 blocks against my RAID 5 Array


The ramdisk results actually shocked me a bit, I expected the number to be significantly higher than it really is. After running the test I now want to run a benchmark booting windows from RAID versus RAM and figure out what the difference actually is:

Same copy test running from within a ramdisk


One thing with these tests is I do not know if that is kilobits or kiloBYTES per second. In the video I specified it as kilobits, but being the B is capitalized in the results I am now thinking bytes. Even still considerably slower than RAID5 now. They were actually pretty evenly matched before, if memory serves the old RAID 5 score pre-upgrade was somewhere around 170.


Anyways for now, that is all 🙂

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