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Here on this page you can order up the various services for DoogieLabs. You do not need to be in the same state as us for us to perform the work. Please fill out the attached form below, this can be greatly helpful and efficient when filled out before bringing your computer or project into the store. Telling us as much as you can about your problem is crucial, be sure the think deeply and not only describe the issue in detail but let us know any patterns you notice that may be occurring, when you first started to notice the issue, etc. If the fix is cut and dry, such as being locked out of a Laptop than detail isn’t so necessary, so as always use your best judgment.

My fees are not per issue but instead are more on a per visit basis, we strive to fix everything wrong with your computer at the time you bring it in. You wouldn’t want to take your car to a mechanic to have them change your timing belt but have them leave the leaky water pump that’s buried in there, they’re already torn into it that far may as well take care of the rest right? Same attitude towards perfection applies here. There is no markup on purchased parts (so tips are greatly appreciated!), and parts are never purchased without consulting the customer first.

We also are very careful about your data. All recoveries of customer data has a retention date of two weeks. If you have your data recovered from us, please make sure that everything you wanted was recovered and that its backed up to your computer or in another safe place before that time period is up, that way if you lose your data a second time or there is corruption we can get you a second copy, which of course would be free of charge. (I was already paid to recover it once right??) DoogieLabs also provides a confidentiality agreement, your data is handled very carefully. I (Mike) personally handle all data recovery, how I copy files over is I usually grab the folders at their highest levels (such as the whole user’s directory, this is handy because it will include all the bookmarks, and other application data as well as the documents and media one usually seeks.) and then store them to encrypted folders for later transfer. I do not look through the data itself other than to see that its physically there by looking at the files listed and their sizes. (NOT their contents, which is why it’s important to check your recovered data before the retention period ends!)

If we stumble across illegal data such as Child Pornography, we are obligated by law to report it.


All work is backed with a 30 day guarantee. Parts are not included in the fees below and all parts ordering decisions are subject to customer pre-approval.

$20 Ram, Disk, and graphics card Upgrades, Inside Colorado, Flat Fee- [wp_cart:$20 Flat Fee Upgrade:price:20:end]

When it comes to the most basic upgrades why over pay? Bring your computer by for an upgrade, and we’ll dust it out and clean it up for you at no additional charge.

$100 PC / PC & Laptop Repair, Outside Colorado,

Flat Fee- [wp_cart:$100 Outside State Flat Fee:price:100:end]

Use this service if you are OUTSIDE Colorado or live too far from the shop for pickup and drop off. The fee includes return shipping to you, so there are no additional charges. Due to the shipping rates, and that Desktop PCs are generally bulkier this price covers work on both PCs & Laptops.

$70 Laptop and Server Repair, Inside Colorado,

Flat Fee- [wp_cart:$70 Laptop Repair Flat Fee:price:70:end]

Order this service to repair anything that’s presently bothering your laptop. This includes data and password recovery. The only thing that $70 won’t fix on a laptop is a laptop that can’t be fixed. Since vintage computers and servers are normally a little more involved in troubleshooting and repairing this $70 flat fee service also includes them.

$50 Desktop PC Repair, Inside Colorado,

Flat Fee- [wp_cart:$50 Desktop Repair Flat Fee:price:50:end]

This covers everything under the sun related to Desktop PC repair. This includes computer builder services. If you would like to buy or build a new computer this is the assembly fee that would be charged. Interested in learning and watching your computer be built? come down to the shop, the lesson is included!

$50 DoogieLabs Hourly- [wp_cart:$50 DoogieLabs Hourly:price:50:end]

Are you someone who needs to pay for a study partner for some 1 on 1 studying for your computer degree? Have a special problem that only a house call from the man himself can fix? This includes service and repair of HVAC, Industrial Equipment, setting up a network, alarm system, or CCTV. For on site service there is a 2hr minimum, definitely email or call with your specific job details and get approval before selecting this option.


These two below forms will need to be completed before bringing in your project, you can fill them out ahead of time or whe coming into the store, or if you’re outside Colorado you can print them and ship them with your project.

Computer Repair Request Form

Disclaimer of Liability


This has always been an interesting one with me, I can stand there for a few minutes and tell someone what it is I do, my skill set is fairly universal, I definitely don’t want to make myself seem bloated in sitting here writing what I do, so I came up with a different idea. These are videos of me working on various projects, you can almost think of this as my resume. I enjoy letting my customers watch the work being completed, in my cases with the more complex situations its a very involved process that almost nobody gets to ever see. Below are my videos and a description of what’s happening in each one;

 • Sunfire V250 Power Supply Repair •

The story behind this one is one of saving money. I had a customer come to me wondering if it was possible to repair a power supple such as this. As it turns out, the SunFire V250 is actually quite a rare computer. (of all the Sun computers I have heard of, worked on, and own I had never heard of a V250 up until I saw it.) Replacement power supply units were $400 on eBay, so offering up a fraction of the price I was able to repair the power supply and the server happily functions again. This customer paid $100 in labor + parts, so $130 all said and done.

Dell Inspiron 1000 Lost Bios Password Recovery

Some people may know, that there is actually more than one password you can set on your laptop that is required when you first turn it on. One password is known as a BIOS password. This password can be set as a requirement before even allowing any contents of the hard drive to be read just after turning on your computer

Sun NVRAM Clock Battery Repair

Here is an example of some of the things we do with vintage computers. The clock battery in this old Sun Ultra1 workstation died and lost all of its settings. In the case of Sun Microsystems computers, this includes the MAC Address and serial number information for each workstation. After carefully chipping away at the potting I was able to solder a new coin cell battery holder in place and fix the battery holder to the top of the NVRAM Package.

  Motorola MW800 Workstation Tour

This video isn’t so much a repair, but showcases some of the more “special” items that we deal with from time to time. We deal with unusual or one off hardware, so if you have something oddball don’t hesitate to contact us!

Order up DoogieLabs Services
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