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We offer a wide variety of computer services, this includes notebook computer repair, server repair and installation, as well as the usual PC servicing.

All computer repairs are a flat fee of $50, with only a couple exceptions that are noted here.

– Memory Upgrades, Hard drive upgrades: $25 (If I have to reload the os, its the flat $50 fee as stated above)
– All laptop repairs are a flat fee of $70

Computer builder services:

I can build a custom computer to your liking, actually save money by buying all the parts individually and then piecing the computer together. This service includes step by step instruction, I can assemble the computer for you while you watch, and ask questions, and get to know your computer. I can explain every part in detail, show specifics, give tips on servicing yourself such as how to remove and replace certain components. No trade secrets here!

So whats the cost to watch or participate in the birth of your new computer? $50 (including operating system installation!), if you are custom building a server, or the total order of the components is over $2000 the fee may be upto $100 for this service.

Server and Network Setup and Installation:

Do you have a home office or small to medium sized business that has computer needs but can’t budget an IT person? We can fill the gap, if you want a server installed and configured we can have you setup and running within an extremely short time. We also setup and secure networks, even CCTV systems! (remotely accessible and alarm functions come built in!) Think about a security system you don’t even need to run wires for, you can use your existing wireless network, the same ones your computer use. Imagine CCTV software that is actually free, contains motion detection features, automatic recording from multiple sources, alarms and alerts. The cost of each camera is under $100, and then all you need is a wireless router and a server.

It’s a completely different approach to computing solutions, in an ever tighter economy it should be more about getting your worth out of the hardware you use. If you are going to get a computer for office work, i.e. Spreadsheets, word processing, presentations, balancing books, you don’t need a new quadcore machine that’s thousands of dollars, most of the time all the cores are sitting idle waiting for intensive work.Packages start around $500 , a full network can be installed in your business of 20 workstations or less for at or under $1000. If you are in the Denver Metro area contact us for a FREE consultation.

About our hardware:
We recommend older hardware instead of purchasing new hardware, of course this always depends on one’s needs. Did you know that 50% of E-waste in America ends up in china? There are so many computers built within the last 8 years that would handle the needs of most small business for an additional 5 years, even 10 years if you get a computer that was built within the last 5 years. It’s all about knowing what combination of hardware is reliable and fast.
What are some key benefits and drawbacks of older hardware? Lets take a look

– Still reliable, research and intelligent buying can allow the choice of hardware that has proven rock solid over the years, and will last years to come.
– Price factor, replacement parts are very inexpensive compared to newer systems.
– DoogieLabs service contract, using our IT services combined with this older, recycled hardware allows us the certain flexibility to eat the cost on replacement hardware, thus passing savings directly to the customer. Because of the price point of this older generation hardware it allows us to roll it into the service contract offered to small businesses and companies, so they don’t need to worry about what its going to cost for replacement parts, it’s already covered.

– Power, sometimes older equipment will use a little more energy than the newer equipment. Lets say you lease a server for 3 years and it costs $50,000, but a comparable server package from here is $15000 (several enterprise servers), do you think you’d spend $35,000 on electricity?


All prices above are labor rates ONLY, this does not include parts, and we do not mark up new equipment.

DoogieLabs Services
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3 thoughts on “DoogieLabs Services

  1. I have a dell i got at a pawn shop as is.. its a dell 3520 intel pentium 8 it did not come with power cord but i manage to get one for it. but it ask for some type of password when i power it on it has a black background with a small blue box to put in a password i try 3 times to put a cod in but it locks up i power it down and when i turn it back on it still ask for a pass word i was told it might be a bios lock on it..if you can please help…thank you…

  2. I won some laptops at an auction. I have a dell instiron M5030 with a password on it. how much do you charge to remove it. I looked for a contact info on your site and didnt see it. you can email me at my email address. thank you.

    • Darrick,

      Thanks for your inquiry. The cost to you for a BIOS re flash is $100, plus the initial cost to ship the computer out to me. The $100 includes the return shipping to you after the repairs are complete. If for any reason I am unable to fix the computer all but return shipping is refunded. If you have additional laptops or computers it will be $50 per Desktop or $70 for each additional laptop after the initial $100.

      I checked on your make and model and the password is stored on the BIOS chip itself.


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