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Once the work was finished with the Passenger side much attention needed to be paid to the Driver’s side. For some reason on all my cars the left side is worse when it comes to dings compared to the right.

First I walk up and down the side looking for any dings / rust imperfections and mark them with a permanent marker:

Then I ground the paint off all affected areas and did some rust removal. Next using the stud gun I stuck a bunch of studs to the points I felt were the best places to tug on:

Now it’s time to add some filler (fiberglass based):

The better you become at the application process the less sanding you’ll have to do in the end, I always seem to mix more than I need to apply on the car as well so we’ll have to work on that:

After sanding everything for an hour and a half I decided to throw in the towel for the evening, the end results were nice and flat:

When I resume my project after leaving it alone for a couple of days I always start by sanding into the paint used to protect the work from moisture, I noticed there were a couple of spots that I had actually forgotten and made a note to tend to those later on:

I needed some help with the sanding process, my good friend Calvin volunteered and did an excellent job with sanding and without his help the body wouldn’t be nearly as ready as it is now:

We made it through the first day putting on filler and sanding, by sunset it was painted up again as the weather forecast called for some precipitation the next day:

After the weather had come and gone I sanded off the top layer and put down the glaze, I opted not to sand it but instead just paint over for protection, leaving the finishing sanding for after the glass is removed and i’m hours from paint:

Once I had 20 or so small spots to work with it got confusing which ones needed work so I painted over the completed leaving what was left, which really was only the spot down by the rocker panel. It’s the only one left that needs sanded:

Driver’s wheel arch re-repair

One thing I noticed in the recent weeks is the rear quarter work I had done 9 months to a year ago has cracked out a little bit. The reason for this is that the metal that makes up the lip of the wheel arch was left somewhat exposed and ended up rusting, this rust actually traveled underneath where my filler was. This was very upsetting and I felt something had to be done, I started to dig the body work back out and found an inch wide strip of rust underneath. After an hour of digging things out I had not only a completely rust free work surface once again but I was able to break out the hammer and metal shaping tools for some additional shaping. In particular the inside of the wheel arch, the lip needed to be shaped the most.

This picture shows the metal after I have cleaned the infected area off completely, at this point we are ready for the new change to the body work:

That change is using actual fiberglass instead of a filler merely containing fibers:

This is the finished rough shape after trimming off the excess mat, this is where I left off for the day as I had to goto work:

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