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YouTube removed old subscriptions page, youtube.com/my_subscriptions

Was removed, are you crazy?

I am very outraged that Google would do something so BOZO! Life doesn’t revolve around Google+ , people who use YouTube don’t want to be fused with another social media gig. If someone took the old YouTube software, and put it up at another domain name I bet you would lose out on your online video market share completely, because you’ve butchered it beyond recognition.

I don’t want suggested videos, I don’t want to see what other people have commented on. I want to see what the couple hundred people I subscribe to have uploaded, and now it’s impossible. You won’t tell me which ones I have watched out of all the sub videos and then eliminate them from the list.

Now I have to scroll and scroll and scroll and scroll if I want to catch all the uploads. I just want the tile format as before, no bullshit. I guess this is too much to ask? What is it going to take for you to listen Google!? 128 posts on the board with thousands of likes isn’t good enough for you? This is more debilitating than windows 8! Wasn’t there a commercial of a guy on an Android “digging” in his phone and a pile of dirt on was the table by the end? I feel like that guy now!?

When companies eat up other companies in their path and grow to such a large size that no matter what the customer feedback is the crap is still coming out the door, that company has lost touch with their user base. Google, YOU have lost touch with your user base completely. This could very well be the end of current YouTube, and so many have lost faith in Google altogether. Looks like I will take my 100+ videos, education with computers and electronics, and host them from my own privately hosted web server. Sucks you couldn’t keep it together, too bad you stripped the magic from YouTube and never bothered taking a page from the book it once was. People cannot easily communicate on YT anymore via videos, you broke a really cool thing. If you don’t fix it, if you don’t listen to you user base Google, I guess we’ll finally see you for the shill you are.

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