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More updates and YouTube Channel woes!

YouTube Google+ Headaches:

Okay so I am sore all over the place, but for the first time in over a week I finally get a moment to sit down and check my e-mails and do a little bit of catch up. I don’t know if anyone reads these things but at least I have a place to bitch heh!

So I’m going to start with the most recent thing that I had been working on, getting YouTube sorted out. For a while now YouTube has been changing around their layout and it really sucks! Before the whole google+ account thing was tied in, I was able to actually change my e-mail address if I needed to. Now, that’s near impossible! I was finally able to change the gmail address that my YouTube account was tied to, and I don’t really care for Google+ either. They actually offer an option to dissociate g+ altogether, but then I am left with my original username, which I wanted to change anyways. After making the changes, I didn’t have any of the channels that I subscribe to. Well, kind of, they were listed in the side but when I actually clicked on the subs box to see the new videos that are available, it said that I was subscribed to no channels. Irritating! I sub to a lot of interesting channels, over 100 of them, and I have started to add them back in. At least now hopefully I will get e-mails in the right place? We’ll see, I am not holding my breath LOL.


So the above was written about a week ago, as it turned out, my subs did get transferred over it’s just not instant apparently. At least I got all of them back, I am sure it confused a few peeps double subbing but whatever lol. I have finished creating the playlists for all the videos in my channel, so that way everyone can more easily find the content they like in what I upload. Whilst I may be into so many different things, others may not so at least it’s easier now to find the series of videos that pertains to interest at that time.

YouTube Playlist video limit:

I discovered something over the weekend as well, I tried to add my 201st video to the “porn collection” playlist. Now I am not sure if I should start a 2nd list, or maintain a “top 200” list of car videos.. That is a tough call, because sooner or later I will end up referencing all of them again. In the short term I should be able to remove a few nonsense videos and replace them with more turbocharged nitrous filled goodness. If anyone wants to chime in on this, one playlist versus more than one, I’d be interested to hear feedback 🙂 I wish google would allow more than 200 videos, but I suppose there is some mischievous reason that has caused the limit to be imposed in the first place. Who knows?

You Read these? Then I got something for you before everyone else knows!!

I have a new video that I am going to be filming within the next couple weeks, I was talking with a friend about the software that Sun and SGI systems once ran, and how rare these works are now. The more I thought about it, the more I felt it necessary to start collecting software and patches. Anything that I could find that was left out there. I did manage to get a few things, but the real first treasure gems came in the mail Saturday and today! I have some original Solaris Sparc Software, and I’m looking for more. I have my eye on a couple of other minor things, and a couple of really expensive things that people seem to think they are going to get money for. So as time progresses I really hope that I am able to not only expand my software collection to something reasonably vast, but I am hoping to showcase every single one of them on YouTube. It’s certainly one special thing to see the hardware and user interface of the day, but it’s definitely another to see what the computer was actually designed for back in the day. At least as far as Sun goes today, I bet many of the applications still work in the real world quite nicely, I guess we’ll just have to see what I end up discovering. Sun was very popular for CAD and Engineering, but Sun was really trying for graphics design and desktop publishing. I haven’t actually seen a video editor intended for Solaris Sparc (If you have one please let me know!) but Adobe did do a Photoshop for Solaris, albeit Solaris 2.5!

I have been looking at snagging Solaris 7 as well, so I have a complete setup to run older sun workstations including the lunchbox style. For 29.99 I can have Solaris 7, the last version, in shrink wrap. I think that’s really a no brainer. Then I have original media, which is nice for collector value.

Another thing that I have to make a video about is a digital camera, not just any camera either! I have actually been using this one to take pictures of all of my eBay items as of lately. It seems to work really good for that as it makes the pictures pop a little bit. I have already shot one “review” of it, but I am not sure if I am going to use it or not. It will probably be through the end of this week before I get to that, but expect to see that very soon. Also next week, everyone else permitting, hopefully I will be back on track enough that I can do the SGI IRIX Installation video. (I haven’t forgot I promise!) I know more than a few people were looking forward to having that video on hand and I most definitely agree. Especially because I end up waiting a while before re-installing IRIX and then I forget myself, so it would help for sure to go back and be able to watch myself install IRIX and figure out what I missed. 😛

Website Changes & Fixes from May 2013!!

Over this last month I have worked on a couple of things with the server, site, and the like. First thing I noticed was that the real time server info page and site statistics page were not working as good as they should have been. This was traced back to a DNS issue, as I still had entries left over from the solution that was in place before I started using a windows NT server to just handle the DNS stuff. I have been planning to move it over to Solaris and just have the Sun server handle everything but as you can imagine that is a project that is pretty far down the priority list, since Windows NT seems to work good for now.

I discovered Solaris will be supported until 2021, which is wonderful news. That means that for years to come, quite a few years to come actually, I will have software updates for a rather obscure platform that nobody really cares to create viruses for in the first place.

New software!

I also wrote a new program to go into the DoogieLabs tools collection, which is actually an hourmeter! I got the idea from the hourmeters on large equipment, generators, etc. When we use computers, we always talk about uptime, how long a machine was up without a reboot. What about use? Just like cell phones have had lifetime call timers, what if computers had lifetime hour meters? I’m sure this idea is not original, but I was able to write a program in an evening that pulled it off. Basically the program updates a file in /opt/doogielabs/etc which just increments the number in the file every hour. You will need to add a line to your cron hourly “hourmeter update” and it will take care of the rest. So, I guess this hourmeter doesn’t really have a tenths position, but it will count each “successful” hour that the system is powered up and cron is run. I don’t feel that’s a bad arrangement at all.

With that being said, I think it’s time to get back to work. Expect this and more to come, hopefully I’ve been entertaining enough thus far 🙂



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