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Stand up and FIGHT! Or we’re screwed!

I received an email in regards to the six strikes rule. It sounds like the Obama administration is side stepping the house and senate to pass internet censorship on their own via an executive order. This could mean the end of the internet as we know, ushering in a new generation of mega corporate owned and controlled internet.

Sign this petition to stop it: https://act.demandprogress.org/letter/six_strikes/?akid=1657.2041142.qMJXF0&rd=1&t=5

Here is my video rant, reading the letter I wrote outloud:

Here is more to read regarding this stupid bullshit:



Here is the letter: (copy and paste is encouraged)

To whom it may concern;

We oppose the “Six Strikes” proposal and the monitoring of users and interference with their Internet connection which it entails.  We urge you not to implement it — and will make a point of purchasing service from ISPs that don’t.

It’s not the job of internet providers to be “nannys” by throttling bandwidth or canceling users service for what they think is illegal file sharing. This will create enormous issues for anyone who works from home, or depends on the internet heavily for commerce. ISPs will spend more money on intercepting packets to monitor data instead of invest in speeding up their infrastructure, causing average latency to increase, and false finger pointing. It is not up to a small group of people or even a computer to decide whether or not I’m sharing files. That should only be judged in the court of law, this is removal of innocence before being proven guilty.

This also stifles competition, innovation, and education. The same networks that are used for “piracy” are also used by artists and software developers alike to distribute their own original works. For example every distribution on Linux is available on bit-torrent, which allows for a very fast download of what is usually on the order of gigabytes of data. (or a few DVD’s worth of data) Blocking bit torrent traffic would gravely impact quality of service for any person open sourcing software, creating music, movies, or doing business.

Whether we like to think so or not piracy is actually a sort of market balancer. For those who do download illegally I feel it sends a signal to the industry, and we can agree on that for sure. It keeps the prices from running rampant, keeps people from charging whatever they want..

For example, think of gasoline, if people had their own stills in their backyard they could pick up a 55 gallon drum of high fructose corn syrup for $15 (current market price) and then create their own ethanol based corn fuel. If enough people did this it could potentially keep gas prices from skyrocketing out of control, because the oil companies know that if they charge too much people will just get it themselves for pennys on the dollar.

If it wasn’t for the current course of history we would be over paying for CD’s, Microsoft Windows, and Linux a completely free computer operating system (similar to windows) may not have even ever left the launchpad, let alone continue on to become the world’s most used server operating system. (Android and iPhone devices are also based on Linux)

If it wasn’t for file sharing services like bit torrent I would have never been able to acquire the documentation I posses that allows me to repair the vintage computers of yesteryear, since the companies no longer exist there is no way to get said documentation.

What if a company doesn’t support their product anymore and refuse to give up documentation even if you offer to pay for it because they don’t support it? Chances are I could find the manual or software I need on a file sharing site. Say I never found that software to go with my digital camcorder which otherwise works great, and without this software I cannot download anything off of it. Suddenly a several hundred dollar piece of electronics is useless, so I would need to buy a new one, creating more waste and worse still contributing to a throw away society.

If you do this, you could be personally responsible for killing technological innovation, free market, and open communication for not just people subscribed to these ISPs, but the entire world.

The fate rests in YOUR hands,
please don’t remove this power from ours.

Thanks for reading

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