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News and Blog for March 29th, 2012

Whats happening? Lots!
First off, I finally finished the tour and full video of the Motorola Mobile Work Stations / Carputers that I have available for sale. I will be using one in the van, and the Corrado. The difference will be that in the Corrado, I won’t be using the Motorola screen, its too klunky.

So I set one up, and tore one apart!

There has been an interest in a few of my services since I have started posting videos of how things are done. So I’m definitely going to continue in that direction, and whatever I’m sent and end up working on you will definitely get to see on YouTube later.

I have a March update video that I’m trying to get wrapped up, its been a long time since I’ve posted any kind of general update on everything so I’m giving it a try. Plans for the weekend not only include the March update, but a paypal shopping cart on the site as well to allow for online purchasing of DoogieLabs products and services. Nice deal!

As per the suggestion of a commenter, I have added my contact info to the banner image up top, a little convenience always helps.


Stay tuned..

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