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March Video Blog! whaaa

That’s right, I’ve got a video setup that finally seems to work a treat, so I’ve been stepping it up. I figured it out, I could sit here and talk all day long in text that I can do this or that, or I can on the other hand film what I’m actually capable of, and then when I post my ads on Craigslit or hand out a business card to a potential client I have something almost tangible, or personal even that shows what exactly the process is.


So Enjoy the blog, so much more is coming soon.


Oh yeah, By the way my Sun Server moved more than 5gigs of data via my home broadband connection that’s here at my shop this month. Its actually what his site is hosted from (spec out the “tools menu” for additional info). It may be slow loading here at times if I’m working but I haven’t really heard many complaints.

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