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Comcast blows!

For any of you considering Comcast, you really should never consider it an option at all.

I am a tech support guy of a different sorts, I don’t deal with the general population as a whole.. Frankly, in a tech support role I’m not sure I want to lol, that’s for another day.

Where I work uses a remote desktop type setup with thin clients as a sort of dumb terminal workstation assigned to work at home users. I will be generous and say that 50% of all isps of our userbase is Comcast, so I’d expect

50% of all issues reported to be Comcast users, 5 in 10. The trend is more like 7.5 out of 10.. Maybe I’m exaggerating a bit, but when I get people back from sending them to Comcast I always hear “comcast said everything is okay” , that definitely happens 9/10 times with Comcast users, yet 2 or 3 out of 10 maybe with other isps.

In my personal observations and opinions Comcast is severely messing with their network, everyone has heard of their bandwidth throttling problems in the past, and a bought congress has finally opened up regulation to allow them to freely doso anyway.. So what is a side affect of this?

Work At Home users demanding bandwidth and they’re just suspected of illegal downloading and should be throttled because they use more than a regular customer.

Comcast is not thorough in their connections troubleshooting. They rely on ping in dos to test connection latency, never mind getting the tech to pass arguments to the command to increase packet size.

Also don’t forget cable internet is flawed by design, bandwidth of connections are shared by neighbors before pouring into main switching stations, so if a few others are youtubing, gaming, etc, work is going to be a headache. This problem compounds because the cable is also used to deliver television, which in itself is not only bandwidth saturating its also digital now, even closer to eroding precious data speed.

Because these conditions exist cable does not sustain near the speed DSL does but instead bursts to the advertised speed.

To add insult to injury comes my experience that sent me on this rant in the first place, I connected to my box via ssh, then initiated VNC inside the ssh tunnel. When first launching my desktop pulled up great, usability was normal just as it was over any other dsl connection. After about 15 seconds the connection dropped. I was confused, tried my browser to find I was unable to pull up websites, yet I remained connected to the wireless! Disconnected the wireless and rejoined, internet started working again. I started to browse normally, tried a couple of youtube videos and everything flew. I decided to re initiate the connection, poking around in SSH for a while didn’t drop so launched VNC.. same thing, after a short time, maybe 30 seconds the connection dropped and I was unable to access the internet again.

Complete bullshit, very ironic considering I was using the same method via my dsl connection at home hours before, and worked later that night after I got home. UGH.

This seems to point to signs that comcasts new bandwidth model favors large corporate sites, throttling connections to other non commercial internet, so anyone hosting remote desktop services may be out of luck when something is needed in a pinch if you are attempting to connect from a comcast hosted connection. Let alone the issues potentially presented if you wanted to host.

Comcast users beware! Comcast for powerusers and up is not recommended.

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