News and Blog for Friday April 29th, 2011

Whatsup everyone! Almost the end of the month, got a few things going on, some experimentation and renewed motivation.. I have been doing mostly electronics still, I get people coming in for car stuff here and there, but my main focus has been playing catchup on setting up the electronics lab so I can crank […]

News & Blog for Sunday April 24th 2011

Happy Easter! I’m having a good weekend off, I actually have been working on some electronics at the shop. I finally got my developer board almost finished. I haven’t made boards at the shop yet since I had been there, but have designed a couple of boards that needed to be tried out. One thing […]

News and Blog for Thursday, April 21st 2011

Whatup Yo! So I got a few of these cobalt power steering motors on hand, these are the recalled units that have the overheating tendencies or whatever. They don’t spin all that fast however they are torquey as hell. (I guess they’re 1.2KW motors or something like that) Actually, these things are quite useful but […]

Blog for April 16th, 2011

So I was digging through some stuff earlier today and I forgot to post these! I always like seeing how computers compare to one another in their different processor configurations and such. I have been pretty good about comparing my servers to other servers. In benchmarks I have always been more interested in servers / […]

News and blog 4-15-2011

So the Xbox died about two weeks ago! Crazy too, I think the Corrado has been listening to me brain storm whats in store for it. Just after I took these pictures of a probably more than 5 year old setup still functioning normally: Closeup of XBMC I actually REALLY enjoy Xbox Media Center in […]

News and Blog for Wednesday, April 13th 2011

Whats up everyone! So things have been going good, I have been busy and things have been progressing slowly on all fronts, that may not be ideal for me as I like things done “now” but at least its forward progress. I have been working on various shop projects and putting together a plan that […]