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  1. Hello,

    I have tried getting your help on this issue I am having with my Mw 800. I have installed it in my patrol vehicle, but it will not display anything on the monitor. I can hear the Cpu turn on with the monitor but it gives a error message. Could you help please.

    • Hello Ritesh,

      I apologize that I have not been able to get back to you sooner. I have been super busy at work this week and this is the first I’ve been able to check my e-mail, etc. If the monitor error message is a picture of a cable with a break in it and a red X that means that your monitor has power but no signal. Are you getting that or something else on the display? Also, what is the model number of your MW800? need to know if it’s the F5206, or F5207. If you have the F5206, then you should have two display ports on the computer module that are the same size, I wonder if you potentially have it plugged into the wrong monitor connector. Check that out first and report back and we can go from there.


  2. hey man ive got a 1988 jetta gli 16v dohc with a base stand alone management system with a Nissan rb20 skyline turbo an many upgrades ive had problems tunnin on mega squirt

    • What are the issues you are having with megasquirt? Perhaps I can help and give you some pointers. Let me know what you are having issues with specifically.

  3. Got another fun one I am running a coolant fan switch from a 90s jetta. it is 22mm threads if I remember correctly none the less I have 1.5″ ID hoses adapter to hold it in the radiator housing any help in the VW line?

    • Is your 1.5″ adapter a pipe thread fitting? I don’t quite follow.

      • I have a 1.5″ radiator hose I need to put a sensor into. The sensor is a 22 x 1.5 thread. I didnt know if they made a sensor housing that made sense.I guess its a common swap in the vw line they used it in jettas and vanagons but it went in the radiator.

  4. Hey buddy any chance you could do a writeup of how to etch aluminum I know we discussed it at one point but I want to make a shifter knob and have a logo or saying but I cant find a good writeup. Thanks buddy

    • Hey Randy been a long time since we’ve talked, and it’s been a while since I’ve been on here even being busy with stuff around the Lab. You could do it with a stencil and a sandblaster, I’m sure there are some chemical options as well, just depends the route you are wanting to take. Depends on how complicated the logo or design is, what were you thinking of doing?

  5. Hey Doogie, can’t wait for ya to get to GR, MI. Great place to live, although I’m on east coast.
    Just thought I’d clear up a little misconception about previous automotive guy at TGG. The reason he left was he worked there a YEAR and got…(ready for this?)…ZERO, nothing, $00.00. They wouldn’t even give him gas money. All he wanted was $25 a month or so. That’s what you get for staying up 18 hours to work on a strangers car so they can get home. (Epic clutch job)
    Oh well, hope you do well! Keep up the great videos & live late night feeds.

    • Hello and thanks for your comments.

      Having been out to GR, I am well aware of the financial situation and what I need to do to make ends meet. Being that the GG is a non-profit, I expect little to no financial compensation for a long time. Free roaming access to the lab quite honestly is a form of compensation and is adequate. There will always be side work that pays, and others who are in need and can’t afford to pay. I am definitely comfortable with both. With the business I have established already outside the Geek Group VSL I will be able to continue to generate income to keep me going.

      I can’t speak for Radar or his situation, but I feel that he was looking to the VSL directly to meet his financial needs versus exploiting the resources available to him to create personal gain. The traditional model of employment simply does not exist at TGG. It’s just speculation though, as the only things that I knew about Radar for sure was in what he left behind.. Which showed that he was a meticulous person that knew his stuff. TGG just didn’t work out for him, and what he left on the whiteboard underscores what you stated above. I don’t know anything beyond that, and it’s none of my business.

      Thanks for your kind wishes and I hope you enjoy what’s to come.
      - Doogie

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